A ripple

I’m sure most of you have seen a rock dropped into a pond. It’s a commonly used illustration for the ability of one small thing to affect a much larger area. Now we know that ultimately it’s GOD that is causing the effect, but for some reason, HE has chosen to use people and ministries as that ‘rock.’ Many of you reading this may have even had the opportunity to be impacted by the ‘rock’ of Marannook. It is our desire to be used by GOD greatly to make a major impact for HIS kingdom. I wanted to share something that I recently received from Wade Killingsworth. Wade was a counselor at Marannook many years ago. He and his wife were both on staff. They now have a large family, and many of their children have been campers and staff here. One of their children is even coming this summer to be a counselor. Here is the quote from Wade,”My name is Wade Killingsworth, Marannook Training Staff in 1988. In 1992 I joyously married Joan Bowling, also Training Staff 1988. We took the Bible Study training (in excess of 100 hours) to heart and it formed a foundation to a lifestyle of discipleship and Biblical scholarship.
This past year (2014) we applied to a missions organization, SEND International, to become full-time career church planters. There was some question as to whether we had the necessary skills and knowledge to qualify, not having much formal training. SEND graciously gave us the opportunity to submit to a barrage of evaluations including, among other things, a four-hour psychological evaluation, two background checks each, two extensive theological surveys, and a massive timed Bible knowledge evaluation.
God is gracious, and we passed all the evaluations. Our evaluators commented that both our scores on the Bible knowledge test were significantly higher than the expected mean score for seminary-trained applicants. We credit God’s grace, multiple Godly teachers, and 25 years of a lifestyle of discipleship and Biblical scholarship.
And we credit our training at Marannook as a foundation for such a lifestyle.

It is incredibly humbling to think about how GOD has used Marannook in the lives of people, especially because of the reality of our frailty, weakness, and sin, but HE has been faithful. It’s remarkable to think that HE used the ministry of Marannook to prepare Wade and his wife almost 30 years ago, and now they are about to go to another part of the world to share that precious gospel that we treasure so much. It’s humbling to me to think about what GOD might choose to do through the staff coming this summer, and it’s humbling to think that HE might use me in that process. It’s just amazing to think what ‘rock’ might be thrown into the pond this summer and the ripple that will be created for eternity as HE works through the ministry at Marannook for HIS glory.

(As a side note: Wade and Joan are going to Slovenia. If you would be interested in helping them in this opportunity, please contact me, keith@marannook.org.)