Camper Referral Program


  1. The family has to list you on their registration form as the person that referred them to Marannook.
  2. The family has to be new to Marannook. If someone in the family was a past camper, past staff, etc., it would not count.
  3. You receive a $100 credit for each child that registers from this family.
  4. If you are currently receiving a discount or scholarship, you will receive the same percentage of the credit that you are paying for camp. For example, if you are paying 50% of the registration fee, then you will receive 50% of the credit, which would be $50 for each child you refer to camp that meets the other conditions.
  5. If you have already paid your camp fees, you can use the credit for other things like T-shirts, another year’s camp fees, or donate to the scholarship fund for other campers to come. You can also request that we send you a check.
  6. There is no limit to the number of referral credits you receive!


  1. Host a camper recruiting party – Invite some friends to your home, and have us come out and do a presentation and Q&A for the parents.
  2. Set up a time for us to come and do a presentation at your church or school – Contact the correct people in your church or school and see if they would be willing for us to come.
  3. Arrange for a group of people that you know to come out to camp for a tour. We call them “Camp Play Days.” If you have a large enough group that wants to meet at camp for a fun time, we’ll arrange for them to have a tour, do a couple of activities, and provide lunch. Depending on the extensiveness of the event, there may be a small charge per family. It can just be a fun time at camp (lots of activities,) or just a promotional event (just a tour and maybe lunch.) We’ll gladly work with you on what you would like to accomplish.
  4. Put your name on the referral line on registration forms and hand them out everywhere you go!