Summer Camp

Marannook offers 5 weeks of summer camp for rising 1st-9th graders. Check out the camp dates page for more information.

Marannook invests a lot of time and energy in recruiting and training our counselors. We only take around 12-16 each summer, which allows us to select people that have a genuine love for the Lord and for people. They are trained in how to work with children of each age group as well as how to teach the Bible to children in a camp environment. Check out the training program page to get more information on our counselors.

Our counselor to camper ratio is 1 to 6 for 1st-4th grades and 1 to 7 for 5th-9th. Counselors are given direct responsibility for specific campers, and those campers stay with that particular counselor through the whole week. Counselors will also follow up with each camper after the summer. The relationships between camper and counselor are one of the keys to our camping program because we know the impact those relationships can have.

As a parent of two camp-age children, I know the most important thing is not if they’ll have fun, but who am I trusting the care of my children to for a week. I definitely want your children to have fun (and there are tons of fun things to do,) but I know that their safety and growth is of primary importance.  We do not take your trust for granted, and I put a lot of time into preparing the counselors for working with your children just as if they were my own.

Check out this flyer and other camp pages for more information on our camp program.