Quotes and Testimonials

2017 Training Staff

“I am now prepared to return to UAB / life and spend profitable time in Scripture; all thanks to Scripture, time preaching the gospel, and being challenged in so many ways by campers, the Word, and my fellow believers.”
John Strenkowski, UAB

“I’ve grown to know more about the Lord’s love, and I have matured in biblical knowledge as well as my perspective of the world.”
Aidan Ryan, UAB

“The relationships I formed with the staff are amazing, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Learning to study God’s Word has been wonderful, and I have grown in my faith and relationship with the Lord.”
Emma Wilson, North Central Texas

“Marannook was worthwhile because Jesus has changed my life. He has allowed me to go through struggles and let the Holy Spirit work in me.”
Jared Henderson, LaGrange College

“Marannook is founded on the Word of God, and teaches children the Word of God. Because faith comes by hearing the Word of God, there can be nothing more important and Marannook believes that whole heartedly.”
Drew Tunnell, University of Alabama

“I worked through a ton of spiritual frustration, and now I know how to practically use God’s Word to point people towards Him and continually grow closer to Him myself.”
Rachel Johnson, Auburn University

“I love what Marannook does biblically. You can tell spiritual growth in each person. I never learned so much about myself or God than here. I also learned lots of good skills.”
Frances Prudent, CSU

“I have made some great friendships and relationships, and I now look at the Word in a whole new way. It was a great decision to come this summer.”
Jon Ross Sanders, Samford

“My summer at Marannook has been a great time away from a lot of the distractions of everyday life, just to learn about and grow closer to God. I feel that I understand the gospel much more clearly now and feel much more comfortable sharing it with others. I was made aware and convicted of a lot of my sin while I was here, and all my peers pushed me to turn to Christ in those times. I felt loved and that made me want to love others even more. Great community of believers.”
Connor Stepps, University of Georgia

“I’ve grown closer to the Lord, and learned how to study His Word. I’ve been encouraged by a wonderful body of believers, and grown close to amazing brothers and sisters in Christ who point me toward our Heavenly Father.”
Anne Marie Huling, Auburn University

“What a summer! Marannook was most definitely worthwhile because I learned a lot about loving others despite their sin. I also learned a lot about how to better interact with people.”
Laura Nealy, Highlands College

“My time here was one of intense spiritual growth. I gained friendships that will last for years. The practical experience of working with children was not only a delight, but also grew me as a person.”
Luke Dickens, Dartmouth

“I learned so much about studying the Word in depth and I’m so excited to head into the real world with these tools. Marannook is more than just a camp–it’s my second family. God’s presence is so evident here!”
Charlee Vawter, Auburn University

2016 Training Staff


Julianna Darby – “This summer has given me a deeper love and understanding of the gospel because of the intentional study and application of the Word. I also got a better taste of what the body of Christ looks like and absolutely loved it.” “Having a summer to intentionally focus on the Word and serving God is exactly what I need at this point in my walk with Christ.”

Sarah Leffel – “Marannook has been worthwhile because of what the LORD has seen fit to do through Marannook. I would do it again in a heartbeat.” “No matter where I go in life, I now feel much more confident through all that I have learned here to share/preach/proclaim the good glorious news of God loving His people.” “Getting to be a part of this place… it leaves me speechless when I try to think of all the many many ways it has helped/challenged/and grown me. I am positive that I will be experiencing the benefits of what God has done at Marannook for the rest of my life.”

Maddy Dempsey – “I read the Bible as my sturdy hope.” “I have learned how to read the Word ordained by God. Scripture is my fountain in a dry land!” “The Word has become the truth that I can turn to over my emotions.”

Joshua Brown – “Before I came to Marannook, I did not know how broken i was.” “When I arrived and began to study the living Word of God, my life has been changed.” “The way I view the world, the people around me, and myself has been dramatically changed because of the study of the Word.” “The community of believers at Marannook has been such a good influence on my walk with Christ.” “This has been the best summer of my life. My relationship with my Father has been strengthened more than I could have ever imagined.” “Studying God’s Word and working around godly people is amazing.”

Karson Williams (not pictured) – “For the short time I was here, I saw my relationship with God grow more than it ever has before. Before camp, I didn’t fully understand what a relationship with Christ looked like, but now I understand the effort required of me to build the relationship.” “I have a better understanding of how to face adversity and handle tough times, how to control the good times and not lose sight as what is important and how to properly manage the roller coaster that is my life.”

Mallorie McGue – “Marannook has made me realize a ton about myself that I didn’t know in good and bad ways!” “Marannook has helped me figure out ways to serve the Lord more and in different settings!”

Kiria Betts – “I’ve realized and learned that my whole life is for the Lord.” “Studying the Word of God made me see that this isn’t just another book, but instructions and the love story of what God has done for me.” “I’ve seen the depth of my sin and how incapable and selfish I am, but then I’ve seen and understand why what Jesus did on the cross was so magnificent.”

Jacey Spears – “I have learned so much, not only about how to study the Bible, but how to discipline and work with children better, how to relate to people, and I learned that our main purpose in life is to glorify and point people to Christ.”

Kayla Dean – “I have grown immensely from my time at Marannook.” “I have seen and experienced the Body of Christ in action in amazing ways.” “I have learned so much about God and grown so much in my relationship with Him.” “I have grown so much here, specifically I have been loved and built up by the people here more than ever before.”

Jordan Jones – “I have seen how awesome God is and how bad my sin is.”

McKenzie Brinson – “My time at Marannook has been worthwhile because I have gained confidence in my ability to go forth and share the gospel.”

Jared Henderson – “My life was turned around when I came to Marannook. I studied for 100 hours in Colossians and 2 Samuel alone. My biggest take away is building on my relationship with God. This is the closest I have ever been to God.”