Needs page

Sometimes people ask about our needs here at Marannook, so we’ve created this page as a simple way to inform people of how they can help.   If you would like to check this page often, you may want to bookmark it, or you can find the link again on our Facebook page.



  • Camp
    • Send us campers – If you know children that are going into 1st-9th grade after the summer, tell them about camp.
    • Send us training staff – If you have a college age child or know one that would be a good counselor, let us know.
    • Send us support staff – If you have a high school age child or know one that would serve well, let us know.
  • Financial
    • Scholarship money for campers
    • Training program for counselors – Marannook’s primary focus is discipling the college students that become camp counselors.
    • Capital projects
      • Renovating the boys’ cabins
      • Building Restrooms at key locations
      • Activity Repair
    • Gifts-in-kind – These are things that are donated to Marannook.
      • vehicles
      • tools
      • shares of stock
      • old, but usable furniture
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