Bible Time

BannerFilled with songs, skits and solid biblical teaching, Bible Time is the high point of each camp day.

Bible Time kicks off with energetic and worshipful praise songs led by Marannook staff.7

Breaking through the bannerThe main Bible teaching follows. Mr. Charles or Mr. Question Mark engages the campers as he teaches the passage of the day to the campers with the scriptural text front and center.Armor 3We desire the children to leave Bible Time with a better understanding of the passage and how to apply it to their lives. 4Illustrations, demonstrations and applications are sprinkled throughout, but the center of each Bible Time lesson is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.CKH The good news of Christ’s life, death and resurrection is proclaimed and explained.

6The Marannook Players are a fun and energetic skit team. They develop and perform skits that reinforce a main point from the Passage of the Day. This lively demonstration brings to life a theme from the Bible lesson helping the campers remember and live in light of the day’s passage.

DSC_8623After the skit, the counselors lead their group in a small group discussion answering questions and stimulating the children to seriously consider the day’s text.DSC_1722