John McAuley, Southern Union"My time at Camp Maranook has helped my personal development as well as spiritual growth. I recommend it to anyone seeking to gain experience leading kids or understand the Bible in an in depth and comprehensive way."

John McAuley, Southern Union

Seth Lattner, University of Georgia“I have been pushed and challenged to grow in my faith so much this summer and the opportunity to spend so much time studying and applying the Word has been incredible. The friendships I have made here are so important to me and being surrounded by such a Christ-centered community has been unbelievable. I honestly can’t put words to how special this summer has been.”

Seth Lattner, University of Georgia

Erin Hill“Without doubt the summer here has been worthwhile! Learning how to methodically study the Word has been an answer to prayer. I’m so grateful to now be equipped to lead others in Bible study that is deep and thorough yet attainable. The personal growth I’ve experienced has also been significant as I wrestled with who I am and what I’m doing with my life away from the support of family and away from all that’s familiar.”

Erin Hill

Sarah Kate Alsobrook, Western Kentucky University“This summer I’ve gained an amazing community of people, and I’ve grown more in my relationship with God this summer than I have in my entire life. The summer has been so incredibly valuable, and I’m thankful for it.”

Sarah Kate Alsobrook, Western Kentucky University

Ty Sullivan, University of Mobile“I haven’t grown this much spiritually in my entire life.”

Ty Sullivan, University of Mobile

Micah Herring, Auburn University“I have learned a lot of useful things for my walk with Christ, and I have developed relationships that will last a lifetime.”

Micah Herring, Auburn University

Honna Brock, Point University“I came to Marannook with so many mixed and different beliefs that I’ve just accepted from friends or school. This summer taught me to discover what I believe and to look to Scripture not just what others believe. It’s taught me to have an open mind and not focus on preconceived notions. It’s also taught me how to stay disciplined and focused on the Word.”

Honna Brock, Point University

Jackie Lee, University of Georgia“I have seen my sin and been convicted of it and been reminded of the forgiveness we have because of Jesus. The classes, especially the Old and New Testament overviews have really helped me in my understanding of the Bible, and I feel equipped to study His Word much better now. Reading my Bible used to be a chore/checklist, but it is now something I am intentional about and want to do.”

Jackie Lee, University of Georgia

Ben Lattner, University of Georgia“It has been a super awesome experience. It’s been so cool to study the Word as in depth as we have. I’m praying that this builds habits I will be able to use after camp. Working with the campers allowed me to put those concepts I learned into practice.”

Ben Lattner, University of Georgia

Angelica Rojas, University of North Texas“It’s been a really great experience that has changed my life. I would 100% say that I have grown so much spiritually, which wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Marannook. It’s a great environment to grow, figure things out, ask your questions, and get answers.”

Angelica Rojas, University of North Texas

Sarah Johnson, Middle Tennessee State University“I’ve loved this summer. These people here hold a very special place in my heart, and I learned to seek out the text to find answers for all my theological debates and have been given tools to do that. #Ilovecamp”

Sarah Johnson, Middle Tennessee State University

Harrison Dagenhart, LaGrange College“God used both the campers and studying the Bible to help conform me to the image of Christ. The campers by needing to extend virtues like patience and love, and studying the Bible by questioning and challenging my views of God, Jesus, sin, etc.”

Harrison Dagenhart, LaGrange College

Mary Beth Cassity, Auburn University“I came to Marannook this summer needing rest, not physical rest, but rest being around people who believed the same things I did. It took a while, but now I have a strong community of people I can relate to, especially in the Auburn area. I really needed that as I came into the summer feeling spent.”

Mary Beth Cassity, Auburn University

Mary Angel Wetjen, Auburn University“I really thought I understood the gospel, but the clarity I’ve gained in basic truths has been very motivating. I was hesitant, but the Word has really transformed my heart and desires.”

Mary Angel Wetjen, Auburn University

“God worked in my heart. I feel that I have a bigger view of my sin, His holiness, and Christ’s grace.”

Joel Pierce

This camp was our children's first overnight camp away from us. They both came back crying, and wanting to go back next year. They grew a significant attachment to their counselors. Now they have increased interest in doing chores in order to save for camp next year. Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to have this experience.

Camper Parent

Thank you for the opportunity that allowed me to go to this marvelous camp. The experience was absolutely astonishing. It was great to learn more about Christ and the Word of God! My counselor was very responsible and helped me on the right path to understanding God more clearly. The camp itself was very boisterous, and as a teenager that is definitely a good thing for me. I'm glad I came to this wonderful camp and I hope to come again next year! Thank you for all the things you guys did for me and I hope this impact will stay with me forever.

Junior High Camper

“I learned so much about studying the Word in depth and I’m so excited to head into the real world with these tools. Marannook is more than just a camp--it’s my second family. God’s presence is so evident here!”

Charlee Vawter - Auburn student

“My time here was one of intense spiritual growth. I gained friendships that will last for years. The practical experience of working with children was not only a delight, but also grew me as a person.”

Luke Dickens - Dartmouth student

“What a summer! Marannook was most definitely worthwhile because I learned a lot about loving others despite their sin. I also learned a lot about how to better interact with people.”

Laura Nealy - Highlands College student

“I’ve grown closer to the Lord, and learned how to study His Word. I’ve been encouraged by a wonderful body of believers, and grown close to amazing brothers and sisters in Christ who point me toward our Heavenly Father.”

Anne Marie Huling - Auburn student

“My summer at Marannook has been a great time away from a lot of the distractions of everyday life, just to learn about and grow closer to God. I feel that I understand the gospel much more clearly now and feel much more comfortable sharing it with others. I was made aware and convicted of a lot of my sin while I was here, and all my peers pushed me to turn to Christ in those times. I felt loved and that made me want to love others even more. Great community of believers.”

Connor Stepps - Georgia student

“I have made some great friendships and relationships, and I now look at the Word in a whole new way. It was a great decision to come this summer.”

Jon Ross Sanders - Samford student

“I love what Marannook does biblically. You can tell spiritual growth in each person. I never learned so much about myself or God than here. I also learned lots of good skills.”

Frances Prudent - Columbus State student

“I worked through a ton of spiritual frustration, and now I know how to practically use God’s Word to point people towards Him and continually grow closer to Him myself.”

Rachel Johnson - Auburn student

“Marannook is founded on the Word of God, and teaches children the Word of God. Because faith comes by hearing the Word of God, there can be nothing more important and Marannook believes that whole heartedly.”

Drew Tunnell - Alabama student

“Marannook was worthwhile because Jesus has changed my life. He has allowed me to go through struggles and let the Holy Spirit work in me.”

Jared Henderson

“The relationships I formed with the staff are amazing, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Learning to study God’s Word has been wonderful, and I have grown in my faith and relationship with the Lord.”

Emma Wilson - North Central Texas student

“I’ve grown to know more about the Lord’s love, and I have matured in biblical knowledge as well as my perspective of the world.”

Aidan Ryan - UAB student

“I am now prepared to return to UAB / life and spend profitable time in Scripture; all thanks to Scripture, time preaching the gospel, and being challenged in so many ways by campers, the Word, and my fellow believers.”

John Strenkowski - In PA school at UAB

Camp is more than a week of summer fun, it's a week where our children see and learn what it's like to live for Christ. Our camper was changed, our family was changed, and that's why we love Marannook. "

Camper Parent

“This year was awesome! I honestly did not want to leave. I think the major contribution to this was the chance to work with people who loved the Lord and loved His work.”

Support Staff

“This year was awesome! I honestly did not want to leave. I think the major contribution to this was the chance to work with people who loved the Lord and loved His work.”

Support Staff

“I definitely grew closer to the Lord this summer at Marannook. He has shown me to be content with what He gives me and not to want more.”

Support Staff

“I definitely grew closer to the Lord this summer at Marannook. He has shown me to be content with what He gives me and not to want more.”

Support Staff

"It was so fun! I appreciate Jesus being in everything we did. When we woke up, after we ate, and before we went to bed we studied God's Word. This camp has strengthened my Christian life."


"The two years I've come to Marannook, I've grown closer to God and His Word. It's so cool to go to a camp where everything is based on God. The activities, Bible Time, Manna Club, everything is based on our Lord and Savior."


"The pool is so pretty! This I my first year in Junior High camp and I really enjoyed the Genesis Game, Storm the Beach, and the Square Dance. My favorite activities were the Maze, the Tower, Ultimate Foosbee, and High Ropes. Bible Time is a ton of fun and I learned a lot too."


"Camp Marannook is a very special place to me. As we hike through the woods with our teams, the trees seem to sing along with us. At Bible time we learn millions of Bible verses with the most awesome Bible teacher! Then, as we sit around the campfire, it seems to wrap its arms around us in a great big, warm, hug. I love all of Camp Marannook, but the best part is the counselors. They love you like a friend never could."


"I absolutely love Marannook and wouldn't miss it for anything! It encourages me in my relationship with Christ and at the same time lets me have tons of fun!"