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Camp History

Living Through Christ

Adventure Awaits

Starting a Camp

One night in 1972, Charles Kendrick-Holmes was thinking about some land he and his wife, Barbara, owned in Alabama. He was a pharmacist, but he felt the Lord leading him to do something else. Then it hit him. A camp. Why not use our land for a camp?

Meanwhile, Barbara was out of town on a retreat. She met a man who had a camp and she asked him many questions. Then it hit her. A camp. Why not use our land for a camp? A few days later, Charles met Barbara at the bus station.

"I have something wonderful
to tell you," he said.

"I have something wonderful
to tell you, too."

Like Minds

“It’s a camp isn’t it?” Charles said. And they were both scared out of their wits. They began to dream about a Bible training center for college students and a camp for children.

In 1975, Marannook celebrated its first summer. There were six staff members and the only buildings were a woodshed and a big-top circus tent. Since that time, Marannook has trained in the Scriptures of more than 700 college students and ministered to over 15,000 campers.

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