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Interested in renting our facilities?

Here at Marannook, we seek to serve the community. One way we do this is by offering our facilities for rental when summer camp isn’t happening.

here at marannook, we seek to

serve the community







For more information or to reserve Marannook for your next retreat, email info@marannook.org.

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Renting Out Camp Facilities

We know that every church, ministry, and group is in a different financial position, so we offer a unique pricing for our facility rentals. You can rent all of our facilities for a flat rate of $750 for up to three days. If you plan to use our High Ropes Courses or our lifeguards*, there is an additional charge of $250 in order for us to provide the trained staff. Once the base cost is covered ($750 rental + Optional Ropes Course / Lifeguards), we ask that your group give a donation in addition as you are able.

*If you are using our ropes courses you are required to have our trained staff present. You are not required to use our lifeguards, but they are available to you if requested in advance.

Generous Donation

The reason we ask for a donation is our facility rental pricing only covers our costs, and does not generate extra income for Marannook. Just as any other ministry, it costs Marannook money to operate. Your donation partners with us to accomplish our mission and goes towards camper scholarships, improvements, operational costs, camp programing, etc. and is completely tax deductible.

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Camp Provisions

We have 120 beds for overnight stays

Marannook only provides the facilities for your rentals. This means you are responsible for cleaning behind yourselves, taking out the trash, providing your own food, utensils, scheduling, and programming unless otherwise discussed with Marannook Staff. We describe it as we are handing over the keys, and letting you create your own opportunities for ministry. We do have a staff member on call if needed.


Helping to Build Your Ministry

It is recommended that you make a site visit prior to your retreat to become familiar with the property and where you will plan your time here.

For more information or to reserve Marannook for your next retreat, email info@marannook.org.