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Parent's Guide

Everything You Need to Know

Let the Fun Times Roll

At Camp Marannook, we are dedicated to making sure our campers have the safest, funnest, most exciting camp experience! To this end, we want to make sure that all parents feel comfortable sending their children to our camp. Here, we have assembled a number of questions commonly asked by camper’s parents. Feel free to look through our guide and send us a message if you need to ask another!

Before You Come

Which camp should my child attend? And what grade will they be considered to be in this summer?

Our camps are broken up by age. Check out our Summer Camp page to see which session is right for your camper.

During the summer, campers are considered to be in the grade they are advancing to in the fall. So if a child has just finished 3rd grade, we’ll consider them a 4th grader at summer camp!

How much does camp cost?

This is going to vary a little bit based on when you come. Check out our Dates & Rates for the particulars!

Do you offer a discount for attending camp?

If you are a pastor, teacher, first responder, nurse, military, or if you are requesting a scholarship, please contact fo the appropriate code.

Do you offer a discount for multiple siblings attending camp?

Yes, this discount will be automatically applied to your account.

What payment methods does Marannook accept? Do you offer payment plans?

Our online registration system makes it very simple to pay with a credit card or checking account. We offer several different automatic payment plans, from monthly to more spread out. Find out more about automatic payment plans in your CampMinder account.

How do I know what to pack for my camper?

If you’d like to go straight to your camp’s packing list, just click here! We have found it best for younger campers if each day is sorted in a gallon zip-lock bag.

When do I drop off and pick up my camper? And what does that whole experience look like?

Some of our camps have different times for you to arrive for opening and closing day, so looking at your email for the correct times for your camp. Need more information? Contact or look to our Drop Off and Pick Up instructions for more details.


How do you handle medication at camp?

You will drop off any medication your camper will need during their week of camp with our camp nurse.



How do I send mail to my camper?

We love when campers get mail! You can pre-write mail and drop it off at the beginning of the session.

Can my child bring and use their cell phone?

For the safety and fun of the campers and peers cell phones and other electronics are not allowed at camp! If found they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the session!

Will I be able to see my camper while they are at camp?

For your camper’s safety, we do not allow outside visitors except under special circumstances. You can follow along with all the fun on our social media pages!


What sort of activities do campers do at Marannook?

We have lots of fun activities here at camp!

  • channel challenge
  • ropes courses
  • pool
  • blob
  • archery

and so much more!

Meals & Diet

Can my child bring their own snacks?

Yes! We just ask that you bring enough to share! (8 campers). No peanuts, please!

What if my child has allergies or dietary restrictions?

We are able to accommodate most food allergies. Email us at and someone from our team would love to talk to you about specifics for your camper!


Can my camper request a friend be in the same cabin as them?

Absolutely! We offer the option to request that your camper be in the same cabin as another specific friend. You can submit cabin requests through CampMinder under forms and documents. Click here to login to your account.

How many people stay together in a cabin?

Our camp cabins accommodate 6-8 campers and two counselors per side.

...You didn't answer my question

So sorry about that! Feel free to contact us at and we’d be happy to answer any additional questions!

If you can’t find the answer to a question in the section above, then feel free to reach out to us and ask your own! We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner and potentially add it to our Parent’s Guide. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for considering Camp Marannook!

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