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Let your work be shown to your servants,
 and your glorious power to their children. Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us,
 and establish the work of our hands upon us;
 yes, establish the work of our hands! Psalm 90:16-17

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A kids camp. A discipleship program. A summer that will set the trajectory for the rest of your life as believers. Becoming the premier camp in east Alabama for counselors, campers, the community, and the glory of God!

Camp Marannook is looking for anyone who is a college-age professing Christian to apply for the summer counselor position!

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Located 30 minutes north of Auburn, Marannook is a gospel-centered camp that serves 1st-9th graders over the course of the summer. What makes Marannook unique is that we don’t just ask you to be a counselor all summer. We have an intentional discipleship community and a pathway to care for your soul. We invite you into a gospel-centered community of college students where you will learn and grow together. Our discipleship program will teach you how to study the Word, exegete Scripture, memorize Scripture, and apply the Word to your life. You’ll learn about biblical theology and the whole story of God, learning how to story tell the scriptures. Best of all, it’s reproducible so you can teach others also.

It’s not just a summer, it’s a summer that will help set the trajectory for the rest of your life as a believer. Our summer has 27 days of camp and 25 days of discipleship. You’ll alternate serving as a counselor and as activity support throughout the summer, but no matter what, you’ll always be having fun and get this… you’ll get paid for it!

You Might Find Yourself Asking "Why?"

Because our walk with God starts with knowing Him through His Word. We often hear that we need to make disciples, yet we have never been discipled. You’ll learn how to hear, read, observe, interpret, memorize, and apply the word of God to your life and answer questions like “who do I want to be in 5 or 10 years as a disciple of Christ”..not what do I want to do or where do I want to be, but “who and whose will I be?”. It’s where you will take what you learn and help write the bible studies and lessons that kids will learn as part of camp and use gospel threads in every activity we do. It’s where you begin to hear from the Lord and know what it means to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind.

A Day at Camp

Camp typically rises at 7 o’clock and closes down around 10 at night for days when camp is in session. For staffers, these hours can vary and may be slightly longer at times. You can follow the link for a daily schedule example. Please note, activities can be subject to change.

Daily schedule

Fully committed

May 15th-July 23th (at the earliest) July 30th (at the latest)

We cover meals and housing. If you are going to the Oaks, we will make accommodations for you to make it as we work closely with them and Trace will be leading our discipleship training.

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We've got answers

Room & Board

Just like any camp, but especially this one, fruit is born through physically living in community alongside one another while learning how to care for and serve one another each and every day. For that reason, you commit to being on campus all Summer with some exceptions on the weekend. All food and housing is provided for the summer with exception of weekends (when there is usually leftovers).


We will be providing all food for the summer with the exception of a few weekends. Most weekends there are leftovers you can eat and there will be some weekends you will have the opportunity to go off campus to eat.


Yes and no. We emphasize a whole view of discipleship. This means you learn scripture, grow in your love for the Lord and His Word, while learning to manage your time and create sustainable spiritual disciplines in your life. Your phone will have a space in the Training Center at camp where you will have access to it during certain times throughout the week. We do not allow campers to bring their phones and we do not allow phones in the cabins under any circumstances. Past counselors have expressed how much they enjoy their time with the phone not at their fingertips.

Work Commitment

You are fully committed to Marannook for the summer. Please do not arrange outside jobs.

Leaving the Camp

We do realize that you may have family or friend commitments you have made prior to camp (such as weddings). Based on availability of fellow counselors, we ask that those dates be provided and planned for ahead of time.

What is week on/week off?

This means that we emphasize rest. Being a counselor is physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting. It’s a good exhaustion, but still tiring. You will be a counselor for a week along with 12 other counselors. During this time, the other 12 (or 13) TSTAFF will be in a support role, sleeping in cabins and attending meal time, doing skits, etc. but with opportunity to rest, spend time with the Lord, prep for their upcoming week as a counselor, do ongoing discipleship, and serve as a lifeguard or ropes course leader. Then we swap places at the end of a camper week.

Time Off

We ask that you communicate to us in advance when you need time off. We are happy to consider circumstances that are related to family or personal circumstances that are unavoidable. However, when you commit to Marannook, we ask that you be all in. This means we will do our best to accommodate time off, but we ask that you not commit to leaving camp until it is approved


Camp often ends on Friday night or Saturday at noon. When camp is over, we have a debrief session and then you are free to go. We have laundry available to do onsite. Many previous staff take time to rest, go out to eat, or make a quick visit into Auburn. Sundays we attend a different church each week together. Some weeks, we allow you to pick a local church to attend. Some weeks, we have camp begin in the afternoon so we eat lunch and begin preparations. 


You’ll use your laptop throughout the training weeks leading up to camp. Again, this is to teach you how to use the tools you have. Marannook also has a legendary library on campus. You will spend a good bit of time there. But when you are gone, you may not have this, at which point, your computer becomes an excellent reference tool if you know how to use it.


Summer Staff is responsible for getting to Marannook in LaFayette, AL. However, if transportation is a burden then we will work to find a way for you to be able to get to Marannook.

Cost & Pay

Summer Staff as a whole is provided by the generosity of others who desire to see college students grow in the Lord and serve kids, so there is no cost. You will also be paid for the summer. All payments will be discussed during the interview process.

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